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A Fix for Outlook KB2553248

In an earlier post, we discussed a problem that affected our Outlook 2010 clients that connect to an Exchange 2007 server running on SBS 2008. After KB2553248 was installed on domain workstations, Outlook upon prompted for a smart card on Windows 7, and a displayed password dialog box on Windows […]

Interactive Brute Force Password Calculator

How Many Seconds Would It Take To Crack Your Password?

Want to know how strong your password is?  Steve Gibson’s Interactive Brute Force Password Search Space Calculator shows how dramatically the time-to-crack lengthens with every additional character in your password, especially if one of them is a symbol rather than a letter or number. Worst-case scenario with almost unlimited computing […]

Outlook 2010: Insert a smart card

We’re tracking a problem with Outlook 2010 clients in a domain environment receiving a pop-up dialog “Insert a smart card” when launching Outlook.  It also reoccurs while Outlook is open.  Mail flow is not affected.  Looks like it’s related to the recent Microsoft Update KB2553248 released yesterday, April 10, 2012. […]

Don’t Be Phished!

Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. It’s also used to infect computers with Viruses and Malware. Read more about it at Wikipedia. Recently, I have seen some very convincing […]

Duqu Virus Workaround

Microsoft has issued a temporary workaround to deny access to the DLL exploited by the Duqu virus. The link below uses Microsoft “Fix It” to enable or disable access to this library. A permanent patch will be released at a later date.

KB2412171 Breaks Outlook 2007

The original version of Microsoft KB2412171 was released on December 14 and caused a number of problems for Outlook 2007 users. It was pulled two days later. See post on The Microsoft Office Blog On January 11, Microsoft released a new version of KB2412171. This update is also causing problems. […]