Restart, then No Boot on Crucial M4 SSD

This morning I awoke to my computer complaining that it couldn’t find a bootable volume. Evidently it had rebooted itself. Oh no!

Dusted out the case interior and booted right up. About an hour later, same thing, restarted itself then no bootable volume. I didn’t see it happen and there was nothing in the Windows event logs. I Pulled the power cord then restarted OK. About an hour later, poof, restart, no bootable volume again.

I checked the usual suspects such as cables and power supply. No change.

I was just about to contact Crucial support when I found this on their forums: BSOD Crucial M4

Wow, this is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. I purchased this drive 11/12/2011 which adds up to about 5000 hours of “on time” use. I updated the firmware and problem solved! This is a ticking time bomb for anyone with a M4.