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Microsoft 365 Forwarding Mail to External Domains

The default behavior for Microsoft 365 is to allow users to forward mail to internal recipients only.  The setting “Automatic forwarding” controls this. Security > Policies & rules > Threat Policies > Anti-spam policies > Anti-spam outbound policy (Default) The problem, however, is the Outlook Web Interface will still allow […]

WiFi Temperature Monitor & Probe with Email Alerts

Have a freezer in the garage?  How much would it cost you if it stopped working?  Have a vacation house?  Surely you want to monitor its temperature to avoid frozen pipes in the winter. Connect this inexpensive monitor to your WiFi and you’ll get e-mail alerts if thresholds are exceeded.  […]

KB5006670 Breaks Windows Network Printing (resolved)

Since Windows Updates were released Tuesday, we’re receiving an increasing number of calls from customers who are unable to print. So far, in all cases, the printers are shared from a server in a non-domain environment.  Uninstalling 2021-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 resolves the issue (KB5006670). After uninstalling KB5006670, […]

AirTag Your Dog?

Apple has consistently said that the AirTag is meant to track items, not people or pets.  The biggest downside is your pet needs to be in range of a device in the Find My network so its location can be tracked.  That means it’s not perfect, OK, I’m good with […]