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Changing your Domain Name with Google Apps

Our clients use either Google Apps or Office 365 for hosted email, but recently we found a serious drawback to Google Apps. A client using Google Apps registered a new domain name and wants to use it as their primary email and web domain. With Google Apps, you can receive […]

A Fix for Outlook KB2553248

In an earlier post, we discussed a problem that affected our Outlook 2010 clients that connect to an Exchange 2007 server running on SBS 2008. After KB2553248 was installed on domain workstations, Outlook upon prompted for a smart card on Windows 7, and a displayed password dialog box on Windows […]

Windows 7 Backup

Chances are good that you recently bought or plan to soon buy a new PC or laptop. And for 90% of you, that computer’s running Windows 7. Microsoft’s latest OS has received mostly good reviews from both users and industry experts, and deservedly so. The slick interface, resource management, encryption […]

Google Apps

Consider these three scenarios: 1. You are running Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 or 2003 that, while initially state-of-the-art, now requires an increasing amount of labor each month to maintain. -Disk space runs low due to the growing number of e-mails, documents, spreadsheets, and images being stored on the server. […]