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Get Rid Of Your Verizon Fios Router

It’s no secret that the Verizon supplied router and wireless access point has limited capabilities.  When I first got Verizon Fios at home, the router was free.  Now they make you pay for it. Even if you put your own router at the head of your network, you still need […]

SourceForge Internet Speed Test

Most everyone has tried the flash based SpeakEasy Internet Speed Test. Recently, SourceForge introduced a HTML5 speed test that doest not require Flash or Java. It works on all devices including tablets and smart phones without needing to install an App. You can try it here: The image below […]

Installing Solitaire on Windows 8, Really?

Since as long as I can remember, all the way back to Windows 3.1, Solitaire has been included with Microsoft Windows. Sometimes it would be hidden, like on a default Windows 7 Professional install, but it never took much effort to get your first good, time-wasting game of Solitaire on […]