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Comcast Mangles FTP Traffic To Some Hosts

We recently ran into a problem where a customer became unable to access the FTP site of a partner. They had been accessing this FTP site regularly for years. About two weeks ago, it abruptly stopped working. When connecting via any FTP client in either Active and Passive modes, they […]

KB3050265 Solves Windows Update Scan High Memory Usage

A long running thread on Microsoft’s TechNet gives details of a problem that has existed since the fall of last year.  A Windows 7 machine with the default Windows Update settings checks for updates once per day. This process of checking for updates was consuming an inordinate amount of resources, upwards […]

Free Windows 10 Upgrade, Should I Do It?

If you’re running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and are receiving “Reccommended updates”, you will soon be installing KB3035583.  This update will be offering you a free upgrade to Windows 10 via a small icon in the tray near the clock.  The upgrade will be available as of July 29, 2015. […]

Windows Update Error 80246002

Today, all of a sudden, every Windows 7 machine in our office fails Windows Update with the 80246002 error. Two machines were brand new installations. As a temporary fix, I changed the DNS servers to and (Google’s DNS Servers) and it now works. We were using OpenDNS. I’m […]