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Install (Ed)Ubuntu on that old PC!

Do you have an old computer laying around your house? Do your kids live on your home computer? Does your home computer gets infected with viruses often? If your answer is yes to these questions, then its time for you to clean up that old computer laying around your house […]

SBS 2003 Server running out of disk on C:

Bad Partitioning Decisions: Pruning

Many old Dell Servers with Windows 2003 Server or SBS 2003  pre-installed were shipped with 10-12GB Primary Partiton (C:) and the rest to (D:) .  Just a few years later, many System Administrators are dealing with a near panic level of space remaining on the Primary Partition (C:). Why was […]

Cockroaches in a computer

Dust out your computer!!

Dust and dirt inside your computer can cause fans to stop working and hinder airflow.  Lack of proper cooling can result is overheating which may lead to hardware failure. Who knows what may lurk inside your computer?  The machine below was actually brought to our shop for service.     […]