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Installing Solitaire on Windows 8, Really?

Since as long as I can remember, all the way back to Windows 3.1, Solitaire has been included with Microsoft Windows. Sometimes it would be hidden, like on a default Windows 7 Professional install, but it never took much effort to get your first good, time-wasting game of Solitaire on […]

Windows Update Error 80246002

Today, all of a sudden, every Windows 7 machine in our office fails Windows Update with the 80246002 error. Two machines were brand new installations. As a temporary fix, I changed the DNS servers to and (Google’s DNS Servers) and it now works. We were using OpenDNS. I’m […]

Changing your Domain Name with Google Apps

Our clients use either Google Apps or Office 365 for hosted email, but recently we found a serious drawback to Google Apps. A client using Google Apps registered a new domain name and wants to use it as their primary email and web domain. With Google Apps, you can receive […]

Malwarebytes Trial Period Expired

Malwarebytes has been one of my favorite tools for years. It does a great job at removing junk and unwanted programs that Anti-virus vendors either ignore or can’t detect. When cleaning machines in our shop, we use the Free version which does not offer real-time protection. The Premium version offers […]