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KB2412171 Breaks Outlook 2007

The original version of Microsoft KB2412171 was released on December 14 and caused a number of problems for Outlook 2007 users. It was pulled two days later. See post on The Microsoft Office Blog On January 11, Microsoft released a new version of KB2412171. This update is also causing problems. […]

ioSafe for Backups

When making a backup strategy, you must always consider off-site storage.  If your backups are on-site and a fire or flood occurs, you may not be able to recover your data. If you’re using external USB drives for backups, you should rotate at least two drives taking one off-site.  How […]

SBS 2003 Server running out of disk on C:

Bad Partitioning Decisions: Pruning

Many old Dell Servers with Windows 2003 Server or SBS 2003  pre-installed were shipped with 10-12GB Primary Partiton (C:) and the rest to (D:) .  Just a few years later, many System Administrators are dealing with a near panic level of space remaining on the Primary Partition (C:). Why was […]

iPhone 3GS and 4 after 3G Microcell

AT& T 3G MicroCell

I’ve had my iPhone 3GS for about a year. I love the phone, but reception at our office is horrible leading to an unacceptable number of dropped calls. Enter the new AT&T 3G Microcell. Complaining that I have to pay $149.99 for the Microcell when AT&T should provide service at […]

Cockroaches in a computer

Dust out your computer!!

Dust and dirt inside your computer can cause fans to stop working and hinder airflow.  Lack of proper cooling can result is overheating which may lead to hardware failure. Who knows what may lurk inside your computer?  The machine below was actually brought to our shop for service.     […]